Trending Business Opportunities with WordPress

Your Bpo Business is basically operated online, which will make the points I will be highlighting to be easy. I want us to look at what a My Bpo Business WordPress looks like. I mean what added advantage will you see if you add blogging to your business?

There are numerous ways to promote business online which can be by blogging which might include having a My Bpo Business LinkedIn or a My Bpo Business WordPress. Video blogging can also be used to promote your Bpo Business; you might want to have something like My Bpo Business Youtube. This post is, however, going to be discussing only a My Bpo Business Sulekha, which is more like talking about your blogging business.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, others include Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc. but WordPress is the most commonly used because it proffers better solutions. Let us take a look at how blogging can further improve your BPO business.

Creating an online presence

Blogging helps you to be visible to more people, it is a strategy used in online marketing to generate traffic to your site. The more contents you put up, the better your chances of being discovered; since you will be creating contents for your blog, which is what search engines like. Also, people hardly read a long article on social media, so the best is to you put a headline or bullet point on a topic and share on your social media page with a link to your blogs; It is easier to go from their social media account and follow the link to your blog. So aside of using blogging primarily on your site, it is far easier to link your blog to social media pages.

Be an Influencer

I am sure you know one or more people who are social media influencer or bloggers. With your company, you have to decide how you want to draw influence; would it be to an individual in the company controlling the handle or to the company in general; both have their merits and demerits.

If you are building influence around an individual in your team, it will mean that this person (who will be a member of your team or a guest writer on your blog) will be charged with maintaining a connection between your brand and customers. He will be charged with a quick response to customer needs with the response build around your company image. This, however, have some disadvantages which include your company influence being built around an individual who might not share a long-term goal with your company.

You can also build influence around a team in the company, which means post and response on the blog will be signed company author. This strategy, however, has the limitation of not having a personal relationship with your customers which might reduce the efficiency of connecting with them. You can choose from either of the two approaches but from what has been noticed, small companies usually build the influence around a person which is most of the times the owner of the blogs, whereas the bigger companies build influence around an individual which is most times an expert commentator on the website. What you do depends on your goals and the present volume of your company.


You must also make up your mind on what approach to be used for your blog. You can decide to either be formal or informal in your approach, depending on your target customer and long-term goals. It is, however, ideal to stick to a single style which is what determines the kind of customers you will get. Whatever ever your style of approach is, make sure your customers find it easy to relate to.

Keep an eye on your goals

Growing an online or offline business requires a lot of focus; you must have a clear goal. A well-definedplan should include short, intermediate and long-term plans. Also, your followers can sense what your goals are from reading your blog; be consistent, do not sell yourself as someone who is not unserious or undecided.

You can start by having a particular target number o audience within a defined time. Check how much you were able to achieve and decide what more to do to increase your chances.

Increase your earnings

It is way easy for you to have more followers when you already have significant followers. Your blog is already popular now, that means more followers and more visits daily which now makes your blog a target for other investors. There will be more people who wish to place advertisement on your blog because they are sure they will have access to some of your customers; which you allow them at an agreed rate. As good as this is, you must be very careful not to allow blogs with a similar product to use your blog platform for advertisement, that will surely be counterproductive. Also, only allow trusted companies as you don’t want to lose your hard earned influence because of your untidy relationship with a below quality products.

Now you know how to go about having a My Bop Business WordPress blog. You can also have as an addition a My Bop Business Sulekha or My Bop Business Jobs. The more audience you have, the better for your business.

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