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Whether you require customized solutions or back office outsourcing, outsourcing your needs to a professional BPO agency can help you to accomplish everything. You have to take care of various factors in order to select the best agency and ensure that your services are professional and efficient. In the last few years, BPO solutions providers such as My BPO Business have grown significantly. This makes the process complex and difficult for you to choose an organization that is best for you. You need to check these 5 things in the BPO services agency that you partner with.

Type of BPO

Prior to choosing an outsourcing services provider, you have to check the type of services that they provide customers with. BPO solutions providers deal in expert suggestions, sales, purchases, back office outsourcing, calling and more. Some companies have expertise in special types of services while some operate in a particular area and offer limited services. Business owners can take a decision on whether they want to outsource their needs to just one BPO agency or break the needs and appoint quite a few BPO solutions providers. Your selection process can be based on your requirement for services.


It can be useful to take opinions from others. This can comprise of taking feedbacks from experts in the industry as well as existing customers of BPO solutions providers through social networking websites, online forums and more. It is easy to get access to My BPO Business Facebook, through the internet, and the time spent on this activity is much less through online research.


Every BPO agency such as My BPO Business Just Dial, similar to any other company, has quite a few certifications. Certifications build up credibility for solutions and services providers and also establish trust among potential and existing clients. SCP (Support Center Practices), PCMM, Six Sigma and ISO 9000 Certification are some of the most-acknowledged and recognized ones. If you have very specific requirements, you may also ask the BPO outsourcing agency whether it recruits only trained specialists for the task and can prove their skill level through necessary certificates.


Check whether the company uses proper safety measures to ensure client data security. If you are outsourcing legal or medical tasks, ensure that the BPO agency is HIPAA compliant. If it is, you can be assured of password protected systems and safe file transfer modes. Check if there are any My BPO Business about safety.


The BPO agency must be affordable when it comes to the fees. When you opt for a cost-effective BPO solutions provider, the extra costs would include training cost, fees, and charges of the team that will be working on your needs as well as the final quote of your own BPO agency. The final quote will consist of all these as well as additional expenses that might be incurred. Check My BPO Business and ensure that the charges are fair before you end up finalizing a specific BPO firm.

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