The Growth of My Bpo Business Sulekha in Tilak Nagar

India’s cities provide a large professional labor force. My BPO business Tilak Nagar is a favorite hub and a promising one too. My BPO business Sulekha is one of the reliable sources of skilled labor. Traditionally, companies employed managed and ran their affairs alone. The 21st century is however, typical of new changes to the way business are run. Today, companies are no longer driven by their ability and innovation but by customer-defined products and service. The changes in technologies have also shifted greatly to optimize the performance of the companies. My BPO business Laxmi Nagar thrives mostly because of the availability of cheap skilled labor. These strategies have proven effective especially with the increased competition across the world. The Internet has reduced the world market to accessibility from anywhere around the world. This means competition especially amongst multinationals is tighter than ever before. Business process outsourcing is now the trendiest move used by companies to limit their focus on secondary processes.

Dependence on Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing has proven the best way for companies to attain the most efficient services at low prices. Outsourced companies come with the enough skilled labor to provide effective completion of tasks at affordable prices. Companies no longer need to invest in training and maintain staff. Instead, they can focus on the performance contract as they maintain desirable profit margins.

The success of outsourcing companies has led many companies from developed to third worlds to shift their traditions. Although the idea is barely 3 decades old, it has transformed how business work this side of the century. Today, this is the most reliable strategy for sustaining maximum production with the cheapest later for maximum profit margins.

The World Leaders

Australia, China, Ireland, Philippines, and India offer the top markets for BPO services. These countries avail the opportunity for both local and foreign companies to establish their businesses within the countries and benefit from the best services. Among these countries, India brags at least 56% of the entire BPO services according to recent research. The country offers the best environment for giant tech companies to thrive from efficient services.

What makes India the greenest place for foreign companies is a combination of local factors. For example, of the 5 top choices, it has the cheapest labor and with the highest population of young graduates in the relevant fields. The government also largely waivers taxes for foreign investors. These are the issues that make it a top spot for BPO services especially for American and British tech companies. Availability of skilled and experienced workers is also guaranteed here. Economy experts agree that the city’s location makes it easily accessible to multinational tech companies. The place is easily accessible due to super-efficient infrastructure. Located in Asia between the middle and Far East continents, it is a peaceful place free from political disturbances and unrest.

According to the Nationals Association of Software Services and Companies (NASSCOM), This place is rich in skilled labor and is expect to attract more companies with employment opportunities. It also means there is high increase in experience. High experience translates to subsequent higher performance and increased production for the foreign companies.

BPO Common Services

Digitization drives the current services offered by BPO services in the top 5 countries mentioned. India has proven a world leader in online customer support in the past few years. However, there are other services offered in the country. Apart of efficiency in customer support, telemarketing, technical support, data entry and processing, IT related support features, and online research are the most common services available. My BPO business Sulekha is known for the widest variety of services in the country and the world in general.

Customer support accounts for at least 70% of the BPO revenue according to recent national statistics. It involves 24/7 inbound and outbound monitoring and responding to customer queries. Traditionally, telephones and emails were used. However, live chats on websites and on social media company pages are the most reliable forms of online customer support currently. They are quick and effective as most users are easily available on social media platforms.

Apart from customer care, telemarketing is the second most reliable business process in My BPO business Laxmi Nagar. Telemarketing requires agents to interact directly with customers in an effort to market their products online.


To provide a wealth of skilled personnel, the BPO companies have invested in training their workers. The result is a competent staff, which is able to provide efficient services for maximum production at the lowest rates in the world. Training is therefore, responsible for the high standards of quality observed in India to build its reputation. Most of the thousands of Indian workers in the BPO business have developed flexibility for competence. My business Tilak Nagar leads in competent workers due to frequent training sessions. The frequent training sessions help to maintain a culture of up-to-date human resourcefulness. These highly trained staff are confident and perform beyond expectations.

Since customer care is the most productive service, listening skills and sentiments are frequently updated and improved. The training sessions help to raise the standards of employee performance for highest scorecards of world-class levels.

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